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The Camp-5 team has decades of experience creating new brands and elevating existing ones.

Our experience includes roles as brand stewards for household names such as American Express, eBay, Rogers, Telus, Air Canada, Mattel and Jaguar. More recently, we have helped revitalized long-established businesses as diverse as Scotia Private Investment Counsel, SKYY Vodka and leading Canadian developer Wesbild. This work included everything from internal brand strategy workshops to new brand identities and communications. 

At the same time, we have played a key role in the phenomenally successful launch and growth of many new businesses. These include celebrated success stories such as Ecobee, Smilebox, Trainiac, Magnet Digital Forensics, Decho, Skytap and Monster in a Box, all of which we named.


It also includes logo and brand identity development for Cloudvisor, University Heights, Pacific Rim Storage, Howard Clothing, Fruity Monkey Poop, and Pallino’s restaurant. For virtually all of these new businesses, we played a key role in brand strategy development and launch communications. 


Our business is building yours by thinking about it in creative new ways.

Advertising and brand design are a part of what we do. A significant part. When we work with a client, however, we are not thinking in such limited terms; instead, we are constantly considering all aspects of our client's business, exploring any and all ideas to help them improve, innovate and grow. 


Our work section features numerous such examples, including: the Client Onboarding App for Scotia; the social media-driven Wayne Gretzky Estates promotion that almost doubled sales; an entire social media platform that turned around The United Church’s lagging fortunes; and a lifestyle magazine for MEDCAN. They are all ideas rarely found in any client's initial list of deliverables. They are, however, ones that got results no traditional solution could have hoped to match. And they were all revealed through our collaborative ‘know your business and use your expertise’ approach. 


Finding ideas that boost business results and build brands– that is what we do. 

Meet the people who actually do the work.

Big agencies trot out their senior partners, before using your business as a training ground for their juniors. We don’t have juniors, nor even intermediates. Kai and Brian, our partners, work directly with you in producing everything from strategies to creative solutions. And the other members of our team all have no less than 20 years of industry experience.



• Brand and Project Strategy

This aspect of our business is catered to the specific needs of each client but can include everything from consulting, internal/external interviews, team workshops, brand vision brainstorming sessions, customer research and more.

• Advertising & Design (traditional + digital)

• Brand Identity

• Naming

• Brand Communications

• B2B Communications

• Specialty Packaging

• Point of Sale

• Social Media Content Creation

• TV / Video / Radio

• Photography

• Event Marketing Materials & Presentations

• Signage & Environmental Graphics

• Consultation on internally produced materials

• User Experience Design & Consulting

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Getting results is key.

Getting noticed is also nice.

Our work has received quite a lot of attention over the years. Along with being featured in marketing textbooks and tutorials, it has been honoured with 250+ awards and accolades worldwide.

Media outlets reporting on our work include: 

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