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Private Investment Counsel

Scotia Wealth’s Private Investment Counsel was a business mired in yesterday. Our challenge: Establish it as its own, innovative brand that can propel the business into the future. After a deep-dive into their business and a brand workshop with key stakeholders, we landed on a unique insight around which all communications would be built: WHO YOU ARE DEFINES WHAT WE DO.   


THE A-HA! MOMENT: Let’s create an amazing business tool inspired by the key message 


Then a funny thing happened on the road to a new brand. We pitched a business solution that represented Scotia Wealth's commitment to innovation, while also bringing to life the new brand messaging: An industry-first client discovery app that allows prospects to show us who they are in an engaging, interactive manner. Upon adoption of this new tool, Scotia recorded a significant boost in both client on-boarding and S.O.W. per client.


The Digital Discovery App above automatically generates a client dossier. This provides an invaluable resource for advisor's meeting with new and established clients alike.

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