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For over 10 years, we have worked in partnership with Predator Ridge to create marketing and communications for both the residential and resort sides of their businesses. As caretakers of the brand, we have produced virtually everything required to sell homes, vacations, championship golf courses, restaurants, wine tours, and more.  


WE BELIEVE: Being a partner yields much better results than being a supplier


Predator Ridge has been recognized as Marketer of the Year numerous times during that period. More importantly, our collaborative relationship has resulted in the phenomenal growth of Canada’s premier resort community.   




Rather than the typical ‘come for the resort/stay for the seminar’ tactic, we suggested that Predator Ridge take a different approach: Invite people to come ‘test drive’ an entirely new life.


We sold the lifestyle — the dream, realized — live and in person.

The Predator Ridge identity, and that of its various businesses and services, has largely been defined by the work we have produced for this spectacular Okanagan resort community. It has also led to numerous Marketer of the Year Awards for the resort. 

Camp-5 also looks after much of the resort's original photography:



Hitting the bullseye of a very unique target.

Rather than run the same campaign for the Alberta audience, we suggested a campaign that speaks specifically to them. And our big idea — one that turned recent BC-Alberta ‘pipeline' tensions on its head — caught the attention of media outlets and social media in both provinces. Our custom URL became the campaign's calling card — doing double duty as both a call to action and a peace offering to our neighbour.

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